There is many signs and symptoms of witchcraft in this post is just a few. The main thing and most important when fighting witchcraft is do not fear! Honestly there is nothing to be afraid of because if you know your place in Christ the witch has no power. These days i am very seldom attcked by a witch if you know your authority in Christ a witch or Warlock will avoid attacking you if a witch attacks you and fails the demons working under the witch will actuelly attack her or him so they will avoid attacking a solid Christian

Here are some symptoms of witchcraft attack. First, if you begin to exercise suicidal tendencies when depressed, or anytime you suffer from acute depression, hear a voice telling you to kill yourself, it is a sign that you are under witchcraft attack. Jezebel, who was a notorious witch. She went to the altar and called the name of Elijah and did some enchantment against him.Thereafter, she sent Elijah a message that made him to run for his life. After a while, Elijah suffered depression and asked God to kill him; that he was not better than his fathers. This princeapality (Jezabel) attacked me ruthlessly last year it was brutal and long but all i had to do is use the weapons the Lord jesus Christ gave each and every believer

Most times, when you hear your name being called without seeing anybody, then you need to be very careful. This could be the operation of witch in their altar. Sometimes, they might use the voice of someone familiar to you to call your name and if you answer.

Another sign of witchcraft attack is hearing of voices. If you begin to hear strange voices making noise around you or when you are asleep, you hear the voices, it’s a sign that you are under witchcraft attack. A brother was brought to me for prayers. He narrated that a great man of God came to preach at one of their crusades and he loved the way he preached and desired to hear from God. He started praying daily that God should speak to him. In the course of his prayers, on a particular day, a voice spoke to him and told him he is the Lord and he became excited.

The voice told him to fast for seven days, which he did. After a while, the voice told him not to take a bath with water, but should urinate in a bowl and use the urine to bathe himself, which he also did because he thought it was God speaking to him. He was in a state of pandemonium where he was hearing different voices speaking to him. We ran him through our deliverance session and he was set free. When interrogated, he said whenever he slept, he always heard voices chanting around him coupled with the strange voice that was giving him directives, which made him to behave abnormal. If you are in a situation where you always hear strange voices around you, is an indication that you are under witchcraft attack and you need deliverance.

Also, when you have confusion in your mind, it’s a sign that you are under the attack of witchcraft. A man with confusion in his mind is suspicious of everybody, as he thinks everyone around him is fighting him, and this makes him to become paranoid. He sometimes sees things others don’t see.

Witchcraft manifestation is in various forms. Sometimes, when you wake up and discover laceration or marks all over your body, it means you just suffered from witchcraft attack. One of the purposes of that laceration is to either renew a blood covenant with their victim or collect his blood to their blood bank in the coven. A brother one day contacted me and narrated his ordeal. According to him, anytime he went outside his station for official duty, he must always put a towel on the bed before sleeping, if not, the hotel bed sheet would be stained with blood. He continued to have this experience daily for seven years until he met me. We did deliverance and broke the witchcraft.


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