IN SCHOOL.”  a poem   December 27, 2019 (Freya’s Day)

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IN SCHOOL.”  a poem   December 27, 2019 (Freya’s Day)

They used to have P. E.;

They used to have reCESS.

We used to    walk to school,

And NOT eat   lunch  of mostly Reese’s

Peanut Butter cups     and processed food,


We USED TO do (lots more ) stuff outside,     and we’d MUNCH,

On our HOPES & DREAMS      more   than on   potato chips;

We USED TO  ride bikes    and run,           as our hips,

MODULATED                    straining        up & down;

We USED TO    not    have to “work” on our frown,

To get us to smile, and there was no talk about getting therapy and taking “meds.”

We USED TO   have a COOL time,      just by wearing “groovy threads,”


Now,      I didn’t think it was that much fun (even) then,

But  NOW    It’s really pretty terrible,  and, of course, you know, when,

There are guards and scanners,   school uniform dress codes    & lots of fear there,

It’s really not so much about learning,


fin   <3

Hello Friends ~

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God needs you to understand ~

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