J Jay Samuel Davis

In our prisons ⚜️⚜️


“We don’t need more prisons; we’ll just ask you to stay inside. We don’t need to outlaw smiles; behind a mask, they can hide. We’ll deny your body’s need for several hugs per day, By imposing social distancing, just stay 6 feet away.  
We’ll instil fear and minimize the life you thought was here, You are cogs in our machine; we will control each gear, By establishing sameness in our tech communities. Oil, wash and keep on moving; pray a little, please.
We are your robber barons; we need no police state When all the parts cooperate; a uniform is great. Your life has value only when it benefits the whole. Take the life we give you; conformity is our goal.
The Matrix you did hear about; well, welcome to that show. Do your part, which simply means: Each rule you must know, And follow our directives; don’t cough or sniff or sneeze, Wear your goggles and a mask; be calm; remain at ease.
Keep your proper place, each gear within its box,  A safe routine; don’t touch your face; we do need no locks, For you have lost your lives now; you’ve locked yourselves inside Because the fear of media makes you want to hide.”
(I thought I’d woken from a dream, but I was clearly wrong, I switched on some news channel, and governance was strong: There was news of a pandemic, with vivarium widespread, And people were so scared and weak that many now were dead 
They tricked us to go to war, although we did not want to die,
They sprayed our food with pesticides and polluted up the sky, They rule us with lovelessness, by covering up and lying, They have great propaganda, and most of it we’re buying.
They are giving us exactly what we asked for, And, in a sense, we are them, and we’ll get more and more, Until we swing the pendulum of life the other way, Some folks like it; some do not – another nice today.)


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