In or out of season 🤷‍♀️

“Some People In Your Life Are ‘Programmed’ For DIS!” * a poem, dedicated to people YOU LOVE, who MUST find things WRONG with what you do and/or say! 2 Aug 2019 (Friday)

People whom you love (pause) sometimes-can-not help-IT! They can-only carry-on-with-you IF-every-little-bit,

Of what you do or say or think, (pause) THEY-CAN-CRI-TI-CIZE! Their-mission-I-guess! in-This-Life! (pause) is-to: “cut-you-down-to-size!”

As Jesus said: “When-others (pause) insult you for no reason, IT-COULD-BE-that: THEY SIMPLY HATE-YOU, “in-or-out-of-Season!”

So, just beware that-THEY’LL-be-there! and-They’re-NOT-gonna-change-their-“spots!” IT’S SIMPLY THAT THEY-LIKE-TO-PUT-YOU-DOWN,

LOTS! and LOTS! and LOTS! 🙂 – AND! They hate it if you use emojis and/or emoticons!

fin ♥

  • – dis /dis/ INFORMAL

verb 1. speak disrespectfully to or criticize.

“I don’t like her dissing my friends”

noun 1. disrespectful talk.

“the airwaves bristle with the sexual dis of shock jocks”


By ace101

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