If you only knew~


“IF YOU ONLY KNEW!” a poem September 2, 2019 (Labor Day Monday!)

If you only knew how much I adore you, you’d probably say:

“I HAD NO IDEA; there’s just NO WAY,

I could-EVER imagine ANYONE loving me THAT much,

Yearning to be with me – and to-feel my touch!”

(to herself): “Maybe he’s RIGHT! He probably DOES love me more than I love him,

‘Cause his love is so desperately deep, so MUCH MORE than ‘a whim,’

Or ‘a fancy’ or ‘a crush’ or-‘a-swoon’-or-‘a-fall,’

Or ‘an-eternal-longing!’ Gosh! [His-love:] IT, I-don’t-even-know-what-to-call!

You-know? The way he feels?

THERE-ARE NO-WORDS! My being – just reels!”

(him): “Well, I call it: ‘a kissie-cooch coochie-woochie-woo,

Woo-yum, my bunny-honey-boo!’

I hope that’s OK, I-hope-IT’s-OK with you,

But, I’m just ‘head-or-heels-in-LOVE!’ I-do-a-lot-of-‘floating,’ I do!”

fin ♥