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That’s the story in Australia

So if WA gets hit hard with COVID19 we are in trouble.
Spent last night in hospital – likely respiratory infection but cannot rule out COVID19. Sent home to self isolate and go back if chest gets worse but was not eligible for the test. Yes, 39 degree temp, razor blade throat and general flu like symptoms – not eligible. I thought we were first world not third world?

The Story
Went to Murdoch private emergency – they turned me away as can’t deal with COVID19.

Went to Fiona Stanley and all I can say is what a shit show. Upon arrival the triage nurse asked (after explaining symptoms) – so what do you want? Medical attention or testing or what?…. I was like fuck you (I didn’t say that but reminded her of COVID19 outbreak).

Got put into an isolation room with no bed and once hooked up the equipment gave false readings saying my HR was 260 – so they gave me an ECG, drip with fluid plus heaps of other things all because of a dodgey monitor.
The Dr was great and reassured me everything was ok as were the nurses.

All I can say is that unless you can’t breath and are older – don’t bother with hospital. Load up on Panadol and Nurofen plus drink heaps of water and stay in bed.

So now I’m home, shaking off this temp – none the wiser and potentially infecting my family.

This was the comment below 😌

This has just been forwarded to me from a friend at the ED at the base.

this is advice given to hospital staff. Explains the virus and how to prevent the virus. Please share with family , friends and work colleagues.
Internal email for RBH (Royal Brisbane Hospital) staff:

Virus Detection:

The simplest way to distinguish Coronavirus from a Common Cold is that the COVID-19 infection does not cause a cold nose or cough with cold, but it does create a dry and rough cough.
The virus is typically first installed in the throat causing inflammation and a feeling of dryness. This symptom can last between 3 and 4 days.
The virus typically then travels through the moisture present in the airways, goes down to the trachea and installs in the lungs, causing pneumonia that lasts about 5 or 6 days.
Pneumonia manifests with a high fever and difficulty breathing. The Common Cold is not accompanied, but there may be a choking sensation. In this case, the doctor should be called immediately.

Experts suggest doing this simple verification every morning: Breathe in deeply and hold your breath for 10 seconds. If this can be done without coughing, without difficulty, this shows that there is no fibrosis in the lungs, indicating the absence of infection. It is recommended to do this control every morning to help detect infection.

The virus hates heat and dies if it is exposed to temperatures greater than 80Β°F (27Β°C). Therefore hot drinks such as infusions, broths or simply hot water should be consumed abundantly during the day. These hot liquids kill the virus and are easy to ingest.
Avoid drinking ice water or drinks with ice cubes.

Ensure that your mouth and throat are always wet, never DRY. You should drink a sip of water at least every 15 minutes. WHY? Even when the virus enters water or other liquids through the mouth, it will get flushed through the oesophagus directly into the stomach where gastric acids destroy the virus. If there is not enough water, the virus can pass into the trachea and from there to the lungs, where it is very dangerous.

For those who can, sunbathe. The Sun’s UV rays kill the virus and the vitamin D is good for you.
The Coronavirus has a large size (diameter of 400-500 nanometers) so face masks can stop it, no special face masks are needed in daily life.
If an infected person sneezes near us, stay 10 feet (3.3 meters) away to allow the virus fall to the ground and prevent it from falling on you.
When the virus is on hard surfaces, it survives about 12 hours, therefore when hard surfaces such as doors, appliances, railings, etc. are touched, hands should be washed thoroughly and/or disinfected with alcoholic gel
The virus can live nested in clothes and tissues between 6 and 12 hours. Common detergents can kill it. Things that cannot be washed should be exposed to the Sun and the virus will die.
The transmission of the virus usually occurs by direct infection, touching fabrics, tissues or materials on which the virus is present.
Washing your hands is essential.
The virus survives on our hands for only about 10 minutes. In that time many things can happen, rubbing the eyes, touching the nose or lips. This allows the virus to enter your throat. Therefore, for your good and the good of all, wash your hands very often and disinfect them.
You can gargle with disinfectant solutions (i.e. Listerine or Hydrogen Peroxide) that eliminate or minimize the amount of virus that can enter the throat. Doing so removes the virus before it goes down to the trachea and then to the lungs.
Disinfect things touched often: cellphone, keyboard, mouse, car steering wheel, door handles, etc

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