I married a Mob Boss ~Lies Plus Secrets At last told


Letter to my husband

Well here goes my Story

My Secret Life

My husband love me just the way I am

Probably until I write this letter

Called Secrets and Lies of my past

I faked being a Virgin on my wedding night to my Husband, he doesn’t know that

I said I was 21 when I was really 55,

It was easy cause I had fake boobs,

Face job, plastic ass as big as a soccer ball

And a wardrobe of 150 wigs

And I had a Sex reassignment operation when the first came out 30 years ago

Oh my it gets worse these secrets and lies 😆 lol

I was married 6 times by then

One was shot by my second husband then number 2 was jailed

Got all their money and thought wow 😮 what an easy way to make 💰 money

And the next 4 Husbands were Mafia relationships

So the secrets and lies were woven very easily cause I was a boss cocky by then

Organised their demises too

All my so called I gave birth to children changed yearly cause my brothers and sisters rented them out to me

But time for more plastic jobs and I was rolling in dough

Flash car, flash male admirers

Drinking, smoking pot, cruising the oceans

Building a secret paradise on lizard island 🌴

Then I meet my seventh husband on my favourite hobby Facebook

Oh my what a sweetheart

Only he loved weddings

By then I was done with them weddings and lies and secrets

What to do.

They say patience is a virtue, don’t get me wrong but the yanks doodle dandy was pretty bloody good

Only then he told me he was an attorney of law dang gosh, what next.

I was really happy until the little questions and curious looks started and the downfall with me is being a deceiving big fat sucker I can’t remember what I say.

I would write yellow sticky notes all over the place and it just blew my brains away

So I been thinking of late number 7 down the hole to but he’s got no money this one

He’s going bald needs a hearing aid so I’m going to surprise him next month and send him to lizard island 🌴

Whosh, onto number 8 waiting in the balcony

Can you guess who that will be lol 😂 his Dady 93 years old

He’s got money should be a blast 🤕🆘