I love you too –

“SHE LOVES ME! I JUST KNOW IT!” a poem, a.k.a.: “I Love You Too!” Saturday: June 29, 2019 🙂 – It’s Supposed to be HUMOROUS! FUN! You-know! Humorous!

Everything you do – is AN ACT OF LOVE;

You-pushed-me-down-the-stairs, but-with-a-loving-shove!

Everything you say – is LOVING & quite KIND;

I-love-it-Honey-chil’ when-you-“gimme a-piece o’-your-mind,”

For, I just LOVE your mind, with-a-little-butter-and-salt,

Or I’ll blend-it-in-the-blender! for a tasty malt!

Everything you think, It-is-FOR: LOVE-OF-ME;

Your thoughts-are-just-like-daggers! Im-pal-ing-me-with-glee!

For instance, just-the-other-day I-did-another-[dumb]-thing,

And-LOVE-LIGHTS*-shone [right-in-your-eyes]! Such-joy-to-me-you-bring!

Every act of love you do – pushes-me-to-THE-BRINK;

I-just-KNOW-you-wanna-“test-me,” to strengthen me, I think,

Although I am a tender reed, a-wafting in The Breeze;

Whenever Thou dost blow** on me, I bend – with greatest ease!

Every single act you do, it is a LOVELY DEED;

I thank you-a-million-times-a-day! as-I-gently-bleed!***

fin <3

  • – Well, perhaps it more like FIRE! penetrating my soul! and-burning-it-to-H – eL, but

H – EL, at least it kept me warm!!!!

** – like the lilt of the wind following a nuclear bomb blast!

I love you too*** – or: as my guitar gently weeps!! 🙂

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