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If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.

I don’t understand some peoples problem with wearing a mask.

I grew up with no shoes, tiny clothes. Nobody turned that into a Civil Rights issue as far as I know

When I went to a fancy restaurant, they required a evening dress and I didn’t spit in their faces. I worn a long dress.

When I went golfing and was required to wear stockings, I don’t yell and scream and turn it into a political thing. I wear stockings like I was asked to do.

When I walk into a place of worship, if they asked me to wear a head covering, I am polite and wear a head covering. I don’t rant my God given right to not wear a head covering.

Right now, I’m being asked to wear a mask to make everyone more comfortable about restarting society.

I don’t understand all the anger about that, I will wear a mask for the benefit for everyone.

It is what I am being asked to do, and just like the other instances, I will do it because I don’t consider it an infringement on any fundamental human rights.

It is simply polite thing to do for the common good of all.




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