Human rights for children and families. AMEN

A case study in “Go early and go hard”My client yesterday is a woman who has been disabled for years by an overseas acquired tick borne infection. She had a son (father absent) and apparently he also acquired the infection. The mother has become physically sicker over the years and her mental health has deteriorated. She has been accused of exaggerating/inventing health problems for him when in fact she has actually been hyper vigilant and interventional to a fault. Yesterday her 8 year old son was taken from her because he was assessed as “unsafe” in her care for health reasons. 
The record of the child’s “neglect” and of the “warnings” was shocking: there was absolutely no evidence of effective support for the disabled mother, just threats and lists of expectations. With diminishing capacity and alone, she couldn’t effectively mother her boy, try as she might. When the Child Protection Officer told her the child was going into care until she could prove she was able to care for him, I asked how she was expected to become the ideal mother. The answer? Here is a list of the criteria you will have to meet to regain custody of your child and here is a list of services you could contact to help you achieve them. No case manager, no support, no sympathy, no follow up. Dysfunctional and inhumane.
What kind of society/health system fails people like this?
When someone is fit and well they often find the healthcare system hostile and overwhelming. When they are disabled, they succumb quickly. Do not wait for a crisis. Give us a call and we will see if we can find a way to improve outcomes when healthcare is an issue.


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