Humanity 🕶

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Humanity what a giant term. Humanity, noun, – the condition of being human
Perhaps, noun, understanding and Kindness toward all living things on 🌏 earth.
Humanity, starts the day we are born from the cradle until death. John Lennon was reaching out to the world with music, lyrics in desperation for World piece. His music should be played to the world everyday. Our future is in the hands of another generation who needs reminding of the fragile world. As you say People are People, is this yet a perfect world. Man is slowly killing one another and living things. Ask this question “ if I have helped one person per year to understand themselves to help themselves live a healthy kind lifestyle wouldn’t that help leave a lot of footprints on earth after we leave, oh my what a wonderful world this would be. Thank you Katherine ❤️🇦🇺

My first love was chemistry then a journey came and the challenges were amazing. You understand life’s like that, swept up off my feet as to say. Women are like that Karine don’t you think. Thank you my friend 🐝

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