Hoping for humble ~ Please Let Julian Assange Go Home To Australia 🇦🇺

You got a friend 🕊

“HOPING FOR HUMBLE.” a poem, for: Tuesday November 12, 2019. As we ready ourselves for The Terrible Impeachment Hearings, I hope people will be thorough, yet kind, gentle and somehow forgiving. I hope we all remember we are in this seeming mess together and that people will behave somewhat decently. AND, of course, I still hope, I still pray all “people in charge” will let Julian Assange go HOME soon.

  • Have you ever felt like you could “Conquer The World?” Well, good luck with that,

And, when you’re in that “crazy, strong place,” how do you feel? (p) Maybe, like “a bat,


You can YELL and be flamboyant, and you’re on fire RED! not BLUE.

Well, I’m gonna guess about that time, you are NOT penitent & you don’t wanna pray;

You’re probably maybe like a donkey, sniffing the air with a hearty bray.

  • AND NOW, can you remember when you’ve ever felt like _ _ _ _?

And you’re not even sure if you wanna have any of IT.

Maybe The Sky’s tumbled DOWN and your world’s collapsed;

It’s at that time you realize “your prayer life!?” has lapsed.

And, so, you pray, penitent and weak,

(You’re) Sure you don’t even deserve to be listened to By Whomever You’re Praying To;

Well, that’s MEEK;

That’s humble, and I might suggest that’s how to behave when you’re feeling AMAZINGLY STRONG,

When you feel you could even get along,

Back in those long ago, lost times, when you FELT SO BAD,

But try to remember THAT DOWN TIMES ARE SO SAD,

And (when strong) you can use all of your strength and all of your peace,

To help the weak and afflicted. Yes, do it PLEASE,

And know that “loving your neighbor as you might want to be treated,”

Is HUMILTY and LOVE (maybe) Let’s all be seated,

And PRAY: “Lord, help us ALL to be instruments of your LOVE.”

&, somehow, I feel sure “GOD” or “something” might smile on us*

Let Julian Assange go Home to Australia 🇦🇺


fin <3

  • – & we are ALL, whether feeling grandiose or downtrodden, struggling, desperate folks

By ace101

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