J Jay Samuel Davis



I’m scared of what the future holds,

If there’s a God, I’m sure God scolds,

People like me for not trying, Hard enough for fear of flying.

And, if I did not clean enough,

Will God be angry, mighty gruff, And punish me? 

Well, look right here: I am often with a tear.

I have no faith,

but pray aloud, Hoping to make God right proud,

Of someone saying: “You big loser, “Oh, sure, I never was a boozer.

I didn’t smoke and tried to be, Conscientious, just like me,

But, in the end, I’m not much fun, And I have kept me on the run.

Until, in the running, oh, so much,

I have no courage in the clutch,

And, therefore, ask for faith each day.

So all this fear might go away ~

I’m sure most will relate to these words.

Humans are unusual;

God has tears running down his face.

He said ” l loved you before you were born.

What did you do?

God is love.

God does not punish his children.

God knows all.

Did you not understand Gods word.

We write about judgement as we have.

God does not judge that is a human term we created somewhere in time.

Men and women are to criticise others as they despise themselves in the concept of life.

Life was meant to be used wisely.

To encourage all to be mindful of others.


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