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God Forgives Everything As He Knows Your ~ Soul

The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do, and then do it.

On this day many years ago l found l had made one of the disastrous mistakes of my life.

At the time l was indexed as a financial adviser and you would have thought l knew everything about finance that l had learned since l was 21 and built the business as l was now 36 but on this day l found out very differently

It ALL started some weeks before when l received a phone call passed through from our local representative who announced can you speak to them and l did, it was simply l thought funding raising for a project, so l took the call and details and made my FIRST MISTAKE passing it to my colleague to travel and meet this person and fill in our forms which l designed based on ALL my lender’s criteria

He did just that and brought 9 of them back with 9 signed and l looked and found the ideal lenders’ forms and in my handwriting transferred the information onto the lender’s forms and posted them for signatures this was my SECOND MISTAKE

They came back signed and l processed them ALL everything was OK on the forms l checked ALL the information and submitted to the lender and obtained agreement to proceed with 9 offers on properties and then waited to complete and be paid once completed, as l never believed it was RIGHT to take money upfront until l had done the job to the satisfaction of the client

It took a few months and l was due a holiday but l would not leave the office as this arrangement had not been completed but l was tired exhausted and so pressure from people l worked with and at home, so l went away this was to prove to be my BIGGEST and THIRD MISTAKE

While away l was promised my two colleagues they would do anything to bring the case to a conclusion but l was to find out later that they in fact would fabricate and deceive to close the agreement and l would not be aware until considerably later

Several things would happen including that information l was not given made this agreement WRONG and should have been stopped but instead, things were covered up and so much so eventually l had to try and sort it out, had a nervous breakdown, panic attacks, and eventually, the business l built from just a little money would collapse leaving me having to make redundant employees and lose everything l had HONESTLY WORKED TO BUILD all because l TRUSTED people who were my FRIENDS & COLLEAGUES


Many years passed by since this day and many things have l LEARNED since that day and MANY things have l GAINED one was that God Never Judged Me but people did they disappeared like the morning dew and when l needed help NOT ONE was there l was ABANDONED like Jesus was to suffer at the hands of those that did not know me but JUDGED ME, people l had helped and people who l thought of as FRIENDS but GOD never left me and struggling to FORGIVE myself he NEVER JUDGED me WANTING but provided all that l would NEED

So my friends, followers, and readers as you READ my TALE of WOE reflect on this God Never Leaves YOU and God Forgives Everything YOU ever do WRONG and will always show you the WAY when for no FAULT of YOUR own you FALL of the PATH of RIGHTEOUSNESS

A God Knows Everything And FORGIVES everything

Be Safe


By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen

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