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Holiday Season ❄️

“HOLIDAY SEASON UPS AND DOWNS.” a poem December 7, 2019.

“Thanksgiving Day” was the time for family and friends,

Eating and giving thanks for MANY BLESSINGS;

Yet, it ends? For us in The U. S.,

During our “Pearl Harbor Day,”

When we remember “The [Day of] Infamy,” and we bow to pray,

Saddened by the loss of life; yet, it was NOT in vain.

“Thanks to sacrifice,

There is gain,”

For, we grieve during this time, but are TRULY “in The Season,

Of Hope and Love,” for “Christ is The Reason,”

To be, once more, filled with LOVE and thanks.

The holidays, like seasons, deliver BOTH:


& “ANGST.”

We are joyful, filled with mirth; then, we are sad;

Holidays come and go.

Perhaps, it’s not so bad,

To realize that holidays, like seasons, like life,

Bring happiness, but also can bring much strife,

And, whatever the conditions might be today,

Figure [that] “tomorrow” will [also come to] nullify


But (pause) IT WILL N O T STAY.

So, get ready for sunshiny weather, with birds singing in the trees,

Followed by dark clouds and storms. We are “blowing in the breeze,”

Of conditioned existence, and these poems, of course, focus on that fact,

AND (Moral) “[That] This dream is very variable, so exercise ‘tact;’

Be sensitive and understand that the currents of existence are fickle;

However, life will go on.”

I’ll bet you a nickel.

fin ♥

Peace 🎄🌠

By ace101

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