Master 💥

Never underestimate the power of prayer, because it may have been a prayer once that saved you.💥

A master takes full responsibility for everything in their life.

They know that we draw every circumstance and person towards us.


If you have challenging people in your life, you have either attracted them or chosen them as part of a pre-life contract.

You maybe learning from them or you maybe illuminating them with your higher understanding and Love.

As an enlightened master, you see into their souls and treat them with equanimity and without judgement.

It is the same with situations.

You draw every experience to your energy feilds, however unlikely this seems.


Again, this is usually to learn, so it is your responsibility to look within to discern how you could have attracted whatever is showing up in your life.

Remember, you may have chosen to undergo this experience in order to help others.


This understanding is hugely liberating, for if you can create a situation, you can send out energy to change it or replace it with something more satisfactory.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

By ace101

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I resonate with your post. Lately I’ve been keen on my moment to moment observing and being present. I’ve had tough situations in the last few months and I acknowledge I create this experiences. Some seem to be outside of my control for example; people with ill intentions and unfortunate events. Your words saying we might have chose to experience this as part of our soul learning or to bless the situation give me a breathe of relief.

Master of our own fate many people said years ago. Then and now people say testing it to destruction or part thereof. We experience self as one of more of these situations daily. The key is the wisdom to know what is real and what is spiritual and that only comes with knowledge to listen to the ❤️of those in pain and not judge their actions Shalom

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