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I’d like you to take a few minutes and think about your family. You probably have a to-do list, and much of what’s on that list revolves around them, and that’s good. But I want to remind you to put them on your unconditional love list as well. It’s so easy to forget, especially as the years go by, that your spouse and children are gifts whom God has given to us. We’re not just supposed to do things for them, we’re supposed to celebrate them, enjoy them, and unconditionally love them every single day.

So what do you do when someone in your family can’t seem to get it together? What is your attitude when someone you unconditionally love keeps messing their life up? It’s easy to get upset and tell them how bad they are, but what good does that do? The scripture says, “Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds” – Hebrews 10 verse 24. When they can’t seem to do anything right, God says to think about how you can spur them on toward unconditional love. You dwell on what might help them. You don’t give up on them and think they can’t change. If you can spur someone on in God’s unconditional love, good deeds will follow. If you can strengthen them in God’s unconditional love, their life will become better. Unconditional love is powerful! God is saying, “Love them always, love them anyway”.

I was thinking the other day about how God has freely given us His grace, forgiving and covering all our failures and mistakes. No matter how many times we fail and mess up, God never gives up on us. His amazing and unconditional love never runs out. To know the unconditional love of God is such a beautiful, secure position to be in. But God hasn’t poured His unconditional love into our lives just so we can enjoy it. The apostle John says, “Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another” – 1 John 4 verse 11. The same unfailing and unconditional love that He has given us is for our spouse and children, our relatives and friends, our neighbors and coworkers. He blesses us so that we can spread the blessing.

God has empowered each of us through His unconditional love, His grace, and His mercy to set the tone of unconditional love within our families. It’s up to us to stir up the unconditional love, to make them know that they are secure in our unconditional love, to tell them we unconditionally love being a part of their lives and are proud of them, and to be our very best for them. We unconditionally love because we have God’s unconditional love to give.

Who’s on your unconditional love list? Don’t forget to let them know! Share this with someone you love and be blessed!

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Forgiveness comes in many forms …….from within the Mind, Body ❤️ and Soul …..its not as simple as just a few words ..laced together with sentiment, it has to be felt that one really means it. We are able to be forgiven by God but its only God that knows our ❤️wether it is full of truth or just to placate and make us feel better ….It truly has to be love and the truth that will set us free to feel forgiveness and most importantly of forgive and not judge others actions ……then and only then God needs you to know and understand the very essence of the sacrifice of his only son Amen (Shalom) 🙏’s of Forgiveness for those who need the ‘ Love of God ‘

That is true. Amen. Forgiveness to forgive yourself in the times of self remorse is improper my Master. Forgiveness is a sacred word. Forgiveness is a blessing earnt from the Lord. Casual use is deemed, unholy Master. Our conversations are common ground. As a practising Monk, we as nothing only just trying to fit in as a pebble on the shore drifting on the tides of life. We are all the same creation as a child of God. We live internally within ourselves—Walk-in one pair of shoes as our Lord Jesus did. Little possessions yet we love you just like the Lord has given you a voice the speak of knowledge. The pen is greater than the sword. Listen to your words is enlightenment. Shalom 😔🔆🙌

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