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Americans Deserve Health Care Reform

Why don’t both republicans and democrats meet in the middle and simply pass a public option.

Republicans will till have private insurance; doctors can still refuse the public option if they want.

Democrats get an available chance that can include all the working class and the poor and the lower middle class.

They can still negotiate on drugs.

Doctors would have more choices with seeing medicare patients and or private insurance patients.

Hospitals get money from all those who lack current health insurance and get paid for any ER patients, so they are happy.

Seems to me having a hybrid system is a win-win for everyone.

The “middle” you describe, the “public option.”

Is part of “the Biden plan”. That‘s why Trump keeps attacking it and why Trumpsters will never go for it.

Plan to Protect and Build on Obamacare | Joe Biden says:

As president, Biden will stop this reversal of the progress made by Obamacare.

And he won’t be able


You seem to have missed the point of today’s politics. When we finally elected lawyers to public office, they killed the mechanism of compromise.

Teaches that the goal is to win at the expense of your opponent.

The effort of congress in passing a second bill to help individuals and groups survive to point this out.

There were items in the House (D) bill as well as the Senate (R)bill that matched.

Furthermore, they each had other items that were rejected by the others.

The fact that there was no compromise nor agreement on everyday items illustrates how broken your government has become.

I’ve always figured your system is broken because of money in politics, gerrymandering and only having two political party that have a chance.

That I agree with you on and comment is why not make the Senate even ? Half democrats and half republicans.

That way, they would have have to compromise.

At least I would hope.

It’s become evident that the United States is ripe for health care reform- our costs are the highest (per capita) in the world, even without covering everyone.

The rest of the developed world somehow manages to cover everyone and keep costs under control, and in these countries, they enjoy lower stress

It’s time America to look after your citizens 😔

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