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Haunted House `

Actual Experience I was in my first year in college when my family decided to move to a new town. My sisters and I were pretty excited because the house was new. I always had this insomnia thing going on, so I usually fall asleep at dawn. Few nights passed, I always hear echoes on the wall, but no one was occupying the next unit yet. And things started to become strange. I always feel our bed shake around past 2 am almost 3. I share the bed/room with my sister, but she never thought it, so one time, while the bed was shaking, I just had to wake her up. She tried to compose herself and cursed whatever it was, and it stopped. But it didn’t stop there. My sister and I would always lock our bedroom because sometimes she stays up late with me, and my mom would nag about it because our dad comes home in the morning from work and doesn’t have to want to see us still asleep and not prepare for school. But we always wondered why we wake up with our zippers open when no one can even get in the room! And every time I took a shower, I always feel someone behind me. It would whisper things and call me out. So after a year, I decided to study and live with my grandma. I was somehow free from that creepy house. Then it constantly attacked my sister, and she has to experience all the things I experienced. When I left, nobody occupied that room ever again. I have two sisters, by the way, and four brothers. Pretty big family, right? But they had to sleep at parent’ room and abandon their rooms. My dad isn’t used to sleeping with lights on. But one night, when everyone sound asleep, somebody grabbed my sister’s foot, and she shouted so severely, causing everyone in the room a panic. And we never slept with lights off. Few years passed, sed and I got my own family. One time, we all got chicken pox, and I decided to spend a few weeks at home. One night, my sister and I slept in our old room. I noticed she was having a nightmare around 3 am. I woke her up, and she gasped for air. She said in her dream; everything was the same, our clothes that night our positions, but she noticed someone was lying behind her. A man with no face trying to do her from behind. So I advised that she take a few minutes before going back to sleep, but since we had a fever from our chicken pox, she fell asleep in just a few minutes. But within less than an hour from her sleep, she started murmuring, and I had to wake her up again. She said she saw a rooster at the window standing with only a few skins on its neck, holding its head while crowing. A few years back, an old neighbour outside the subdivision mentioned that a construction worker from the subdivision next to ours committed suicide from a tree that stood in our unit. And nobody claimed his body because rumour has it that he was not from this city and no one from his family heard about it immediately. But aside from this guy, a woman’s voice also bothers our youngest sister. Once, she was trying to get some pillows at our parent’s room when she heard an angry woman’s voice telling her, “Get out! Get out!”. She rushed downstairs and almost fell off the stairs. We thought we were the only ones experiencing it. But our neighbour across our house said that her eldest daughter saw a little girl run upstairs and decided to follow it. But when she searched the rooms nobody was there. When the three of us got married, we never felt and experienced anything paranormal again.


Life is like a bunch of roses. Some sparkle like raindrops. Some fade when there's no sun. Some just fade away in time. Some dance in many colors. Some drop with hanging wings. Some make you fall in love. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Life you can be sure of, you will not get out ALIVE.(sorry about that)