Harry Carey ~

“HARRY CAREY!”* a poem June 22, 2019 (Saturday)

I might kill myself, ’cause you don’t-totally-agree,
With MY-POSITION! I ‘m-Harry! Ca-rey!

SUICIDE! is my option of choice, if YOU-don’t-do,
What I really think YOU REALLY aught-to!

OR – if you don’t think or if you don’t say,
The kind of thing that-WILL SAVE MY DAY!

Just-AGREE-WITH-ME! I’m SURE you’ll see,
IN-TIME, that-I-know EXACTLY-what-is-right,
AND-what-is-true! Come-on-now! DON’T-FIGHT!

Just give in, or I’ll have me-a-heckuva-tantrum,
Or – DO-MYSELF-IN – singing My-Very-Own National Anthem! 🙂 – Happy Singing!

From-H-LL-“Oh-say – and just seeeee,
That WITH-ME you must always beeeeee,
In A-greeeeee ment-and-ac-cord,
Or-else I can not -‘t af fo – ord,
Too-oo-live! I’ll pro-b’b-ly die!
IT’LL-BE-YOUR-FAULT, don’t-ask-me-WHY!
Is AP-PLE PIE! a-slice could not hurt!
So-o – please-Dear just be nice,
And-agree-with-me! Give me spice,*
For I know-ow what I say!
Yes, FOR ME – shout: “Hoo – oo -ray-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay –

Oh, SAY – does that opin-ion of MI-I-NE re-a-ealy maa ter,
O’er -the-land – in-which I’ll BE FREEEEEE,
To-have-all-my op-in-ions – accepted WOR-SHIP-FUL-LY! 🙂 – Play Ball!

fin <3

  • – Cinnamon, if you please – for my savory, all-American apple pie!

  • – hara kiri: [Japanese term] ritual suicide by disembowelment, historically practiced by overzealous samurai warriors, when they felt disgraced, which is yet another example, proving “The Mystic Poet’s point,” that people are all crazy! This DEFINITELY includes Japanese (and other) warriors, who kill themselves in the name of SOME GREATER GOOD, or idiotic notion! Suicide: [Multicultural term] Ending one’s life “prematurely,” believing some “great[er] good” is served by doing so! It is a practice usually done by overemotional women (and sissy men) who have nothing better to do on Saturday afternoons! [Those who have attempted it and lived, to the person, report that, at the moment of “committing the suicide,” they suddenly realize: “THAT WAS REALLY STUPID TO DO! Gosh, could I have that decision over again, so I can make other stupid decisions that are not so permanent!?”] Urban legend: Suicide is Painless!

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