Best Friend Evermore


HALLOWEEN STORY!” 10/31/2017 Halloween 2017, Tuesday!


And-there-in-my-bed! It was my cello!

WITH A DEMON HEAD! I was so scared,

I nearly pooed – But, then, my cello,

Well (pause) (s)he wooed!

She had a bow of-blue, in-her-hair,

And kinda looked like Fred Astaire!

I said, β€œHow are ya?” She said, β€œOK!”

β€œBut β€˜we’ have missed you, Cello J –

You do not play with us a lot!

Between your legs – is where we’re

HOT! Why don’t you lay down here

A While. I bet that we can put

A smile – Upon your lips – of

Ruby Red – Perhaps you might give

Us some – – – -!” β€œWell, well!”

Said I; β€œI didn’t know – You

Were a girl – let’s have a go!”

And, so, we fiddled through the night,

And greeted happy, morning light!

My cello rang with ne’er a care,

And, now, we always are a pair!

We laugh and sing – and β€œpull the string!”

And find – together – what love will bring!

We’ve demon babies – such amore,

Violas, cellos, strings galore!

But, our most favorite child of

All – Is BESSIE VIOL – She’s a doll!

She’s real big – but struts around,

And, oh, her bum – is Heaven found!

Our little fam’ly – we adore,

It’s Halloween – FOREVERMORE!

fin. <3 :