Good morning Friends ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️

Good morning Friends.
Or maybe just get up on the other foot,
And instead of coffee to take and drink tea…
And turn back your usual steps
The way where there will be more traffic…
And on this day to do everything wrong:
Put from end to the beginning of the number,
And the most minor thing
filled with good and high meaning.
And do what no one is waiting for,
And laugh where I cried so much,
And the feeling of hopeless will pass,
And the sun will rise where the rain fell.
From a circle made by fate,
Pick up and jump at the station of the unknown…
You will be surprised – the world is very different,
And an unexpected life, and interesting.

Not fair to be in Quarantine Mate

Humans are guilty, not me Sir 😁

Animal Rights

By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen

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Goodmorning from my end 😇❤😘😘😘 Reading this gave me hope and I felt a little ray of light during some anxious worrisome days I’ve been having 🌻 Thank you 😘❤

You too!!🥰❤ Thank you for your wonderful posts which bring light to many of us including me.❤ and thank you for encouraging me in my little diary blog 😘😘❤ Wishing you and loved ones and everyone a lovely weekend.❤😘

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