God wants you to know

In scripture, Jesus showed mercy everywhere He went, and He’s still showing mercy today. No matter what’s happened, His arms are always outstretched towards you!


You may be in a valley now, things are difficult, but one day, you’re going to rename that valley.

Instead of a valley of disappointment, when you see what God does, you’re going to say that was a valley of favor, a valley of blessing, a valley where God showed out in your life.

Instead of a valley of sickness, a valley of suffering, that was a valley of healing, a valley of wholeness, where God made a way where you didn’t see a way.

Or instead of a valley of addiction, a valley of failure, that was a valley of freedom, a valley of restoration, where you saw God’s grace as never before.

Don’t let the name of that valley fool you. God is about to transform that valley into a gateway of blessing!