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I cannot persuade myself that a beneficent and omnipotent God would have designedly created parasitic wasps with the express intention of their feeding within the living bodies of Caterpillars.

LIFE IS SPIRIT: “The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord.” Just in the degree you THINK AND EXERCISE your Supreme Nature will you know the Power of the Spirit. Spirit is the essence and manifestation of life. Thru it, you shall Realize, shall Experience, shall See, shall Know, shall Live. “His ministering spirits go to and fro thru all the earth doing His good pleasure.” Nothing can come except we attract and draw it. Nothing can stay with us when we LET GO. All are made one by the spirit. You are an enthroned BEING. Around you are forces of the spirit waiting to do your bidding. The moment you attract them, the windows of the Universe are opened and the power of the spirit is poured upon you. It is everywhere. Its glory fills the earth, radiant in the glories of the sunset, shining in the soft light of the moon, gleaming in the lovely stars. Waiting to minister to your needs, to fulfill your desires, to comfort you, to restore you, to endow you with power. YOU ARE OF THE SUPREME SPIRIT.

THE LAW OF TELEPATHY: It is a supreme law whereby one soul may reach and minister unto another soul. It is spirit manifested thru thought waves. It is magnetism spiritualized. It is a mystical wonder of spiritual manifestations. It inspires visions, dreams, premonitions, and thru vibration of wave-thoughts gives universal communion, soul companionship, to the children of Light. To use the law, sit in Silence, relaxed. Summon a mental picture of the person you wish to reach. Get clearly as possible the actual presence in your mind. Then begin to send the wave thoughts by repeating impressively to yourself, or aloud, the message of your code. Never try to do this when tired, exhausted, or excited. THINK INTENTLY on the message and your desire to reach the mind of the person you wish to aid. Students should practice both sending and receiving Telepathic messages and influences daily. Never think that the will, condition, or temperament of the person to whom they are directed, will retard, obstruct or destroy your work. Act in Supreme command. Put all the intense force of your WILL into your wave-thoughts, magnetic ethers will be your messengers. You will likely get a direct response in a wave unison, or it may come later after your work is done. The student should bear in mind also that they may and should develop original work, make new and personal codes. The purpose of codes is to unify the wave motion and keep the mind intense. Beware of selfish purpose, revenge, hate; these are the Destroying Angel, sure to return to you.

TELEPATHIC CODE FOR HEALING: I bring you healing. You are Supreme overall bodily conditions. You shall not suffer. Pain shall leave you. Strength is thine. You shall not die but live. Perfect Good is in you and you are a part of it. I see you well. You are delivered. You are uplifted. Arise and walk. Go forth to thy desire. Every organ and function of your body is full of health. I see you as a part of the Supreme Life whole, active, happy, strong.

TELEPATHIC CODE FOR GUIDANCE: No evil shall befall thee. You are safe. Fear shall not assail you. You are greater than all dangers. You shall have light with you. Wisdom shall be a lamp to thy feet. Courage shall illumine you. Faith and Hope shall be close to you. You shall not be deceived. You shall prevail. That which you seek shall be revealed unto you. Your heart’s desire shall be granted. You shall not err. You shall reach your aims, and shall achieve your purpose.

TELEPATHIC CODE FOR SUCCESS: All power is yours. You are supreme. Wealth, possessions, friends, position, and happiness are for you. Ways shall open before you. Opportunities will be revealed to you. Bright possibilities shall be made manifest to you. You shall see an open door. Abundance is yours. Power to supply your needs will be given to you. Doubts shall clear away leaving you free. The eyes of your mind shall be filled with light. You shall be guided to plenty.

TELEPATHIC CODE FOR FRIENDS: All ways are open between us. I am calling you. My soul and mind are open to you. No wrong shall endure between us. The springs of kindness shall be open to us. I am listening to your spirit. We shall be led into Truth, Love, and Happiness. Our love is perfect. We shall not err. You hear the voice of my wish for you. You know my mind. All promises in truth are perfect. All is light, there is no darkness between us. There is no distance or obstacle between us. Your mind answers to my mind, your heart to my heart, your soul to my soul. When tempted, I am near to with-hold you. When disheartened I will inspire you. Day and night are the same, you shall not falter. Our vision shall be made real. Our desires, heart longings, soul hunger shall be satisfied. Our future hopes shall be actualized. Our destinies are realized in the pavilions of Silence. Your life and my life are the radiant units of the Life Perfect.

BUILD THE WORLD WITH THOUGHT WAVES: The dire curse of this world is idleness. Some are working too hard, while a vast multitude idly looks on. Don’t be a looker, be a doer. Don’t be a knocker, be a booster. Idleness is a sin: “The wages of sin is death.” That is why people who stop working soon die off. “If a man will not work, neither shall he eat.” He can’t eat long. He loses his appetite, spoils his digestion, gets heart failure. When you retire from business, from work, from active aggressive occupation, you want to buy your lot in the graveyard at once. “If I were rich”, do you say? Stuff and nonsense, if you were rich you would be unbearably meaner than you are now, a hundred times more stupidly useless. What you need is PUNCH. You have lost your Grip, Grit, and Punch. And no matter if you are ninety years old you can get them all back. How? Listen.

Build the World with Thought Waves. Begin with your WORLD, what is it? The kitchen or the schoolroom? The ditch or the mayor’s chair? The field or as superintendent of a railroad? A brickyard or a bank? A bench or a pulpit? A loom or grand opera? A pick or a pen? Take a look at your world, what is it? Now plan it, then breathe life into your plan. You cannot help others until you help yourself. You cannot save others and not be worth saving yourself. You are Supreme and this is your ultimate hour. You are under the law of liberty, go to your own. Free of all outward restraints, forms, commands, and laws you are an absolute unit of God’s power in the universe. You shall be judged only by this law of liberty, the best in you and the highest good of others.

Use this personal code as you work:

PERSONAL CODE: I am power. I am life. I am energy. I am fearless. I am strong. I am free. I am a success. I am well. Faith is clear, bright, shining within me. I shall be guided. I shall be given wisdom. I shall triumph.

That personal code given ten minutes a day will double your power of efficiency in six months. Stick to it. Each day drive it harder. Bring out your abilities, insight, courage, daring, and boost yourself. Energy is something you generate just as the dynamo generates electricity. Start your mental and physical dynamo. Freight thought waves with your desires and send them out. They will come back richly laden for you. Load your smiles, heartthrobs, good wishes, onto thought waves and send them out, to serve others, cheer others, give hope to others, to help others across the hard places. They will come back bearing to you, “some thirtyfold, some sixtyfold, and some a hundredfold.” Happiness comes thru loving service.

The student should have faith in the work entered upon. It is founded upon law and fact. Some day the law will be made fully clear and operative in all departments of life. The wireless telegraph is a step in the demonstration. Recently a young woman, in Elizabeth, N.J. was awakened by thought waves after all medical applications had failed to arouse her from a six days’ sleep. An acquaintance of the author’s was warned by wave thoughts from his mother to avoid danger. He was so deeply impressed that he delayed a day, his western trip, and so missed the train that went down at Ashtabula. A husband who was some miles distant transacting business received the thought waves from his wife that she was in danger. He hastened with all speed and found his home in flames. A young lady felt the impress of thought waves from a young man to whom she was engaged, and decided not to join a boating party. On the return trip the pleasure launch took fire and six of the party perished. A whole volume could be filled with most interesting cases of positive results of Telepathy or thought waves. But let the student begin and test the marvels of this mystical power.

Never “squeal.” Live with, stand by, die for, your friends. The seventh circle of hell is reserved for “squealers.”


Life is like a bunch of roses. Some sparkle like raindrops. Some fade when there's no sun. Some just fade away in time. Some dance in many colors. Some drop with hanging wings. Some make you fall in love. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Life you can be sure of, you will not get out ALIVE.(sorry about that)

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