This is about you 😔😔

The World Needs Peace 🕊

Yes, Mental illness is horrendous most people have been there but imagine this wake-up call.

Somebody tonight is confronting their impending death.

No medical aid.

You look blankly at the wall.

Palliative Care is a reality.

A team of hospital staff wheel you from the Intensive Ward into Palliative Care.

You look at the ceiling with tears running down your face.

Then tears slip into your mouth.

You are melting inside ” what have I accomplished in life ” if you’re lucky enough, someone may hold your hand!

Do you start to get it??

Folk all over the world are doing this right now!

This is real, cause none of us is going to get out life alive every one of us needs to take a moment tonight and get your house in order.

Be Humble ~ Be Kind

Forgiveness to others
The World needs Peace Right Now.

Take Heed
We are all Brothers and Sisters on Earth.
Shalom  ~ Sending Light and Peace


Shalom 🕊🕊

By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen

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This is a beautiful reminder of the brevity of life. God bless you. Prayers we never take life for granted. I did once …and now I’m free. 💚

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