God’s Love ⚜️⚜️

I wish my book of life was written in pencil … There are a few pages I would like to erase

Dear beautiful souls bound in God’s Love

Testing of Patience the world over…
We have completed more than 5 months of passive submission …In the shelter of our homes….
Waiting for the pandemic to quieten down it’s fury.

As we wait for this virus to stop it’s gruesome rounds and for normalcy to be reinstated, may we turn to the Lord in prayer for world health to be restored and for all the matters deep within our hearts.

When we finally get out into the wide open world, it is going to be a different and lonely path that we will find out there.
In preparation for times ahead, let us ask Him to show us His Ways so that we can walk in accordance to His Will.

It is not easy to take the pathway that the Lord shows us, it may be full of stones and may hurt a bit, but with God Himself leading us, we will never feel the pain of the rough paths, for we are covered with His Grace.

Nothing becomes too difficult as His Presence hovers near. He plans the best way for us and in time to come, we will be made to understand that it was the best chosen path and that we were protected and blessed at all times.

Stay close to Him who Loves you and is Faithful.
The world will make life difficult for you but His Comforting Presence will never ever leave you deserted.
He will stay close by and lead you on.

May all your prayers be answered, in Jesus’ name.


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