God says that his son Jesus chose 12 disciples then there was 11 ….

Its a story we all that read the bible daily know but maybe some not all do not fully understand Jesus as God says knew you before you were born and named you ……

Oh NO not that earthly name we all associate with birthdays but a birth of the ‘Spirit’ the part of us we do not fully understand but that part that was provided by God though his LOVE by making us MALE & FEMALE not as we UNDERSTAND Man & Woman that came later …..

Now Jesus knew these 12 before they came as God knew US before we were born ..he knew that his son would ‘walk that path God wrote’ and would reach those people with a ‘GOOD ❤️’ who his son would NEED to help him ‘SPREAD THE HOLY WORD’ and that one day become as the ‘Waters COVER the Sea’ ……

NOW we ALL KNOW of temptation it began in that ‘Garden of Eden’ so long ago it began with a mate fro Adam he eventually called Eve but that Adam would as the consciousness does daily DISOBEY God would ‘Walk the WRONG Path’ and so as it was THEN in the BEGINNING it would truly be at the END ………witness today’s FALSE news like a FALSE GOD …..Leading US into TEMPTATION to Believe LIES & FALSEHOODS…..

Now there were 12 but ONE would BETRAY JESUS he would be TEMPTED to stray from the ‘Path of RIGHTEOUSNESS for His Namesake’ and so that 12 became 11 but still these said l will NOT deny you master but at the appointed time his ‘Rock On Which He Said He Would Build His Church’ denied he even KNEW his master …….

So then WHY does it say so clearly he died to SAVE US ALL in that best known book the BIBLE ….let me tell you this and then it will be clearly understood as l learned …..Its in the last words Jesus spoke that would be not the beginning but the BEGINNING OF THE END OF ALL THINGS …

You see as ALL that began as Jesus said FORGIVE THEM THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO …..So it began not on the ‘Path of Righteousness ‘ but on the path of a thief, liar and murderer and leading people to follow a FALSE GOD ……This was truly forgiveness being needed for what was going to be done on earth ……

So look at the world as it is growing ever more decadent, greed rules and people suffer at the hands of others and liars, thieves and murderers are the ‘order of the day’ so simply damaged and so simply brought all this upon ourselves ….

You see there was a choice NOT the Romans chose, Not Caesar, Not Herod, But the people on that FATEFUL DAY chose and so it was as Night follows Day and has been since that day …….

No longer can many people say l can be led to know 12 disciples OR even 11 but ONLY God can lead you in your ❤️ as in the BEGINNING and WILL BE at the END …..


By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen

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