God needs you to understand ….

Two men went into see their boss who said he had two deals to make them some money …

They stood for a few moments and one said tell me more, the boss said one deal will make a lot of money but is not truly honest …..

The second deal will make less but is completely honest and l am told you could get more deals in the future …..

The two men look at each other and said which one would you choose …a few minutes later one said the one for the most money what about you oh the one for the less money …..

The one who chose to take the most money said why it will make us both rich and the other one said dont you remember he said that one is not truly honest ….

God looked down upon the two men’s negotiations and tapped the one who chose the less money and said you are the one full of grace and honesty of heart and l grant you knowledge ……

The boss shook the hand of the other man and said l grant you riches …

So who gained the most from the deals ……as the moral of this story is its true as it happened to me …..

So my question is which one am l ?

By ace101

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