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Australian First Nations People 💥


Occasionally we need to remember who we are✨

We’re all but a moment glistening in the stars. ✨

A glimpse of love clasped in the heart of us all ✨

A story of hope that answers the call✨

A child made to seem so helpless and vulnerable✨

Only to find out it was their truth that we pursue.💫

The purity and innocence untouched by our agendas 🙆‍♀️

Curiosity and wonder are not caught up in any illusions ✨

This is the world we all hold so close in our hearts 💥

Not one intertwined with fear, disdain, and farce ✨

Take a moment with me to imagine a day 💁‍♀️

When all of this leads to no more anguish 💥

My brothers and sisters, I do love you all 💥

Your potential, your love, and you’re standing up tall.💥

We will do what’s right to the last breath✨

Because without us in this world there is nothing left ✨

We are the world changed, vibrant and new✨

Who would have guessed that you just had to be yourself 🙆‍♀️

Focus on love and stand for your passion ✨

They may tell an untruth, con and steal all night and day 😌

But one thing they’ll never have is an ounce of sway

This world is ours we have bestowed it from birth

By a loving creator that saw nothing but worth.

You are beautiful in the skin you are in

Your desires and passion have never been a sin

They lied to us in droves to stop what’s coming

The light in us all not just in a man 💫

The power of the light where it all began.💥

I’ve uttered from my heart but I’ll leave you with this,

Do you think you could ever be forgotten as your light shines as bright as the stars💥

And one day you will be seen wide and far 💥

Author: Australian First Nations People

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