Disciples 🙏


but it was from the inner circle that the most devastating betrayal came. considered by some to be the most astute among the disciples in business matters, Judas Iscariot, who John tells us had acted as treasurer for the frugal group, secretly lost faith. had he, perhaps like many in the joyful crowds that had welcomed Jesus into the city a few days earlier, became disillusioned because Jesus had not seized power? for a sum of money, according to Matthew, Judas agreed on Wednesday to help his teacher’s enemies find their prey when the time was ripe. It is unlikely that the money was temptation enough, in itself. the 30 pieces of silver mentioned by Matthew was traditionally the price of a slave, but in Roman times it would only pay for a new tunic. Judas’s true motives have been lost in history, but perhaps his defection was a kind of barometer of the public mood in Jerusalem. As Passover approached, it seemed clear that the popular enthusiasm in support of Jesus had crested. Other forces were on the rise.
Even as the danger grew, however, Jesus was reminding his disciples that things were not what they might seem. Yes, he would be killed and seem to be defeated, but great destruction would follow. Back and forth daily, the group climbed to the sprawling precincts of the Temple and spent the daylight hours among the imposing marble columns. But Jesus warned. ‘ There will not be left here one stone upon another, that will not be thrown down.”More dire and incredible picture of the future!

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