Path of Righteousness Step Two – Understanding

Miracles Are in You ❤️

As people try to UNDERSTAND they have to learn that UNDERSTANDING can come at a price ….oh that does not mean a cost like parting with money this is a part of you that you must GIVE away …..its called a WEAKNESS ……

EVERYONE has FEAR in their LIVES they fear because of events or catastrophe but most FEAR is due to other people and the DAMAGE they do to others WITHOUT knowing …..they have been HURT so they HURT others ……….

Now by SHOWING weakness we can GAIN strength WE can GROW and become able to UNDERSTAND other people and THEIR weaknesses so we are taking a SECOND and most IMPORTANT step CLOSER to GOD ……

This is WISDOM to understand that speaking the TRUTH we release our PAIN and SUFFERING as Jesus SUFFERED on the CROSS and so this gives US greater UNDERSTANDING of others PAIN ……..

SO often people say that favourite phrase ‘ Sticks & Stones Can Break My Bones BUT Words Can Never Hurt ME ‘ truth is they as so MANY people KNOW they hurt MORE as they take us CHANGE us and we become in so MANY cases pained and hurt and unable to FEEL we say it does NOT matter to feel anything AND we then CANNOT begin to UNDERSTAND other people’s problems or even CARE ……

THOSE reading this may ask what does any WRITER know of this well a writer has to FEEL in their ❤️ to WRITE from their ❤️ and to have in may case BECOME LIKE THAT due to FAMILY & FRIENDS but ONE DAY realised GOD had a PLAN and had a path that YOU NEED not want to WALK step by step everyday and LEARN about THEIR pain and suffering so THEY can UNDERSTAND others PAIN and SUFFERING ……


By ace101

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