Give Appreciation 🌼

You are the offspring of incredible creative forces and have received the gift of life!

With all respect to your religion or worldview – thank God, thank evolutionary processes – the keyword is “thank” – just have some gratitude and be thankful.

While the ingrates duke-it-out about the true God, you take each breath in holy gratitude.

The best way to be thankful for the gift of life is to not throw it away. Please don’t waste away in front of a TV waiting to win a lottery during the precious few hours you are not imprisoned in corporate shackles.

Life is calling you. The other life. The analog life. The real. Nature is calling you.

And people too. Wondrous royal souls are waiting to meet, enjoy and experience you.

We are all royal heirs of the divine mystery. Meeting another person is always a sacred event.

Life is a sacred circumstance. You are sacred.

You are a miracle of creation.

You are pure astonishment.

Look at the majesty of – you!

You are art in motion. You are incomparable.

Your perfect life is matchless.

Your precious gift of life is unrivaled like each snowflake.

You are so fine and unique that it is impossible that there will ever be another like you.

Give thanks!


Life is like a bunch of roses. Some sparkle like raindrops. Some fade when there's no sun. Some just fade away in time. Some dance in many colors. Some drop with hanging wings. Some make you fall in love. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Life you can be sure of, you will not get out ALIVE.(sorry about that)

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