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The 2020 Protests: A Major Setback in the Effort to Kill Out Racism in America.

Significantly Americans are searingly outraged at the brutal torture-killing, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, of a handcuffed, restrained-by-four-law-enforcement-officers, unarmed Black man named George Floyd. In outraged response to that killing, conducted by a uniformed police officer, and outraged as well by the slow reaction by justice officials, thousands of people have taken to the streets in many American cities to protest the injustice and the racism.

To civilly, non-violently protest is an American right protected by the Constitution. And since the protests were apparently motivated by a sense of rage against racism, exemplified by the killing of George Floyd, it is understandable why thousands have taken to the streets. We are supposed to have safe streets in America, where racism does not rear its putrid head.

Yet to have those protests turn into serious riots of property destruction and damage to people DOES NOT HELP IN THE FIGHT AGAINST RACISM. It ADVANCES THE CAUSE OF RACISM. Those whose intentions are to protest against racism should take note: the violent, fiery riots are causing many children of many races in America to think it is okay to hate Black people. And that is despicable. Such riots destroy the work of good men and women like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks.

I have a deep suspicion that the riots are being helped and aided by White supremacists, right-wing extremists, and their allies. These Russian internet trolls together wish to advance racism and see the riots and blood as a tool to teach the vulnerable that “racism makes sense,” and to divide Americans from each other. By allowing these treasonous individuals free reign to weaponise the death of George Floyd is almost an act of treason against America, and the cause of anti-racism itself.

I saw an image of a black businessman looking at the burned-out shell of a business he had built up and worked for years, to help and be a part of the Black community. There were tears in his eyes. I share those tears today.

Don’t let your protest…turn into hate, property destruction, looting, and injury to people. Seek justice, but seek it through education, changing the system, and laws. The riots have turned back the clock, and that will be a roadblock to the little Children of Color coming up to face a world where they already have enough challenges. Think it over.

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