‘God Looks Down This Day & Cries Tears’ ~

Friends, Readers & Followers …….On this day God Cries Tears On Earth Like Rain ……

These tears are not tears of joy but tears for the world’s pains that people made in their image and broke the image of God like breaking bread upon that night of Thursday before his son was sacrificed for his namesake …..

So we morn as we should for a man of God who gave his life and only a few would and suffered so much pain that he died …..its said to save us all but he rose again as it is written …so let it be said when the world is at Peace once more ……

We reach out and put our hands together and we call it prayer 🙏 and ask for this and that and more because we are not free of sin that should have been taken into that son of God so long ago but upon that day the people who we never know ….said these words and it was so ‘Let the blood of our children’s children be upon our heads’ and it was just so …….

Until the time he comes again and will wear a crown not of thorns but of humility and love for those around and then it will no longer be to morn but a heavenly day of ‘Peace On Earth’ and for a 1,000 yrs to give mankind a chance again to be just kind and love they neigbour as God loves his children and to care about the world that God created and made so of animals of every kind …….

So until that day ‘God Can Only Cry’ for his children on the earth suffering everyday and hope will soon spring eternal and children will one day say Thank God in Heaven for evermore and love has found the way ……


By ace101

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