Ace says ……..The Greatest Story Ever Told ……but there’s more ……..PART ONE

Shalom 💫🕊

My friends, followers and readers who visit this wonderful site every day and like what l write l thank you ……but as with any great story with a BEGINNING & END …there’s more ……

As with this story did not END it told of WHAT was to come not what will NOT come …….but this time it will be different as some fear as they do for the ONE who will come and WHAT …..well like any story it’s CHANGED its from the OLDEN DAYS the tongue of YOUR forefathers tainted by indecision, innuendo and fake news given and spoonfed to the people to build them and then SHEAR them like sheep ….but there’s more ……..😔

As with EVERY story, many have changed WHAT was written to suit and fit their UNDERSTANDING and to stand and call themselves by a label …..oh NO not of GIVING without REWARD taking the FOOD from then the table of the POOR who hunger for sustenance ……but there’s more ………

The one who will come will not come and feed those people with just FOOD but with the ‘ Word From God ‘ and they YOU are told will be called WONDERFUL – MAJESTY – MESSIAH but he will NOT crave those things he will just GIVE OF HIMSELF to the ones who are ‘ Poor in ❤️ ‘ so they will see ‘ The Glory of God ‘ and like angels go out and ‘ Spread the Word ‘ like corn over the field that will grow strong and bear GOOD fruit …….but there’s more ……..

Growing and sharing with the GOOD SEED ON THE LAND that is FED & WATERED by his ALMIGHTY hand as arms are turned into PLOUGHSHEARS and not one person will not RECIEVE and starvation will be wiped AWAY ……..But there’s more ……..

As it says in the prayer given by Jesus ‘’’’’ ‘ The Daily Prayer ‘ to give his people their daily bread …..and forgive those that SIN against US as God forgives US and this must be DAILY not go to church PRAY and do the same thing again to our NEIGHBOUR ….so this night PRAY not just for YOU OR FAMILY but NEIGJBOURS who you may have WRONGED in the past and then maybe YOU will feel forgiven and thus FORGIVE others who have SINNED against YOU every day and in return recive from the hand of the one who created in his image ……..but there’s more ………

So until WE meet again ……God Bless YOU and consider others in your PRAYERS as l consider YOU in mine ….Be blessed and be safe Amen 🙏’s for ALL