A Message from God 🕊

This message from God is for you 🕊

When you understand that you’ve been chosen for this time, it will give you greater confidence.

God could have chosen David to live now.

He could have chosen Abraham, Sarah, Ruth.

But when He strategized about who will be the right people for the year 2020, He asked, “Who can I trust in that difficult time?

Who has the courage, the talent, the fortitude to carry out My will, to do awesome things”?

He looked at you and said, “That’s who I can count on. That’s the right one for this hour”.

He equipped you with what you need to succeed in this time.

You may not have what Moses had, but you don’t need what he had.

God planted you now because this is the right time for you to flourish, to blossom, to accomplish dreams, to overcome obstacles, to leave your mark!

By ace101

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