Powerful Words for the day 🤗

Powerful Words try it 🤗

When the enemy roars at you, sometimes the best thing to do is ignore it, don’t pay it any attention. But there are times you need to roar back at him. When those threats come loud in your thoughts, answer back boldly what God says. When the thought roars, “You’ll never get over this sickness”. Roar back, “I will live and not die. The number of my days God will fulfill”. When he roars, “You can’t accomplish your dreams. You don’t have the talent”. Roar back, “Whatever I touch prospers and succeeds. Goodness and mercy are following me”!

Powerful 😇

By ace101

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Thank you for sharing!… “It is not the size of the dog in a fight that matters, it is the size of the fight in the dog”.. Mark Twain… 🙂

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