Gods Flowers 💐

Seek respect, not attention.

Being God’s unconditionally love-filled and beautiful is almost unconquerable. God’s unconditional love absorbs the hard blows of rigid fists; God’s unconditional love surrounds, softens and tires violence and force. If you are confronted, bullied or intimidated while expressing your voice of reason, remember this protective strategy – be beautiful. Being God’s unconditionally love-filled and beautiful is one of the most dominant defences that one can employ. Imagine that you are a beautiful and unique flower growing in life’s garden. Most people will not intentionally step on a beautiful flower. If you are walking through the garden and you see the beautiful flowers, you will walk around them to avoid destroying their delicate beauty. Even most “mean people” and “bad people”, otherwise known as people in pain and crisis, try to prevent the destruction of beauty by their hand. They recognise the beauty and secretly wish more of their vision was dominant. And even when the rare soul who enjoys trampling and crushing the beautiful flowers comes along, they quickly discover that many gardeners tend life’s garden. These gardeners do not like people stepping on the beautiful flowers. A beautiful person is protected like a beautiful flower in an enclosure, which many gardeners tend. You do not have to do anything to defend yourself in life; just be beautiful, and life will protect you! Share this with someone you love and be blessed!

By ace101

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