Do you understand 😔

God Loved “YOU” before you were born, “YOU” . Do “YOU” understand 😔

Amen. The Lord works in numerous ways we mere mortals do not understand. Trust in the Lord. Man has self-destructed over centuries ultimately; the Planet wins again. I often wonder how the Lord must feel with a tear in his eye, yet humans expect the Lord to fix Man. We, humans, have to take responsibility to do their duty to protect this beautiful life around us. The time is now that all folk take responsibility for our own country. God so loved you before you were born. “He” prepared you in the womb of your Mother for a precise role on Earth. Did you not understand! You pray for help to survive from the Lord. The Lord blessed you to help yourself and your family. Every one of you asks for forgiveness, not ” help us”. We exist because the Lord loves you.
” Pure Love”, goodness, hope and freedom was a blessing ordained to you the day of your Birth. Cherish these gifts and use them wisely for all wo(men) on Earth. Nurture your Children. Share your food. We all enter the Kingdom of Heaven eventually and will stand before God and ask for forgiveness on bent knees. God looks at you squarely in the eye, yes you are pardoned, and a glint of a smile appears in his eyes, ” affirmative you were hard work to listen to your begging for assistance, was it that difficult for you to do. Come into my home and eat at my table.” Amen 😌

By ace101

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