“COUNTER INTUITIVE?” a poem May 14, 2019 [Tuesday]

The “Genesis birthright”* is-your-INSIGHT! Consider-your-fig-urative-“twins:”
Brothers Esau and-Jacob! No-one-loses; no-one-wins!

The birthright from-Father-Isaac – is-simply: “in-tuition;”
Esau-commands-ma-terials! Jacob has-“the vision!”

Yet, both-are-ONE! and-both-are-needed, to-live-a-com-plete-life,
Which-is-a-life-of-balance-and-harmony! [A drum plays with-a-fife!]

INTUITION! It-IS-yours, if-you-are-reading-here:
You-get-IT at your birth, (pause) and-you-should-never-fear!

The World-doesn’t-want-you to-know-THERE-IS-NO-GOAL!

There’s-simply-NOTHING-here-to-learn, and-nothing-you-must-seek;
YOU HAVE IT THERE WITHIN YOU! Just take-e-you a-peek!

You’re-JACOB, when-you-use-INSIGHT like, when-you-act-on-a-“Hunch,”
You-then-transform-into-ISRAEL! and-you-might-get-“a-free-lunch,”
So-you-can-share-some-stew”-with-ESAU, your-sensible, “Big-Bro!”
And-you-“sink-or-swim,” together! It’s all you (don’t) need to know!

fin <3

  • – Much of The Bible is figurative. In “Genesis” [the first book of The “Old Testament”] a man named Isaac [meaning: LAUGHER, suggesting he doesn’t take life too seriously, although, perhaps, sincerely] “gives birth,” or recognizes two sons Esau and Jacob, perhaps aspects of himself! [Esau means HAIRY, perhaps a material, earthy fellow; Jacob means SUPPLANTER, one who takes things over!] Both sons want “a birthright’ from their “laughing father!” Jacob gets IT, and Esau gets the family estate [earthly possessions and the ability to use them well]. Jacob, who seems lost in life, eventually connects with his “higher self,” suggesting he gains insight, and he changes his name to ISRAEL, one “equal?” with The Divine! Perhaps, we can do this IF we choose to use our intuition, not just our intelligence, which IS ALSO useful to have a “successful life!” Thus, the so-called “12 Tribes” of Israel “issue” from an “intuitive” source! [“THIS IS ALL MY INTERPRETATION AND, AS FAR AS I KNOW, IS NOT FOUND ELSEWHERE! I SIMPLY USED IT FOR THIS POEM!” The Mystic Poet.]

By ace101

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