Garden of Eden ~

“YOU JUST NEED A LITTLE WATER TO WATER THE GARDEN, AND I HOPE YOU’LL FORGIVE ME, IF I BEG YOUR PARDON!” a poem a.k.a.: “I Mean!?” a.k.a.: “Wilderness?” 2 September 2019 (Monday)

Just IN! Oh, my gosh! Yes, it’s con-firmed:

“The Wilderness Experience Jesus Had With ‘The Devil,’ ” we’ve just learned,

From several Jewish scholars – that this represents a “honeymoon,”

For Jesus!!!!! with (?) Well, that cra-azy loon!

So, all that 40 days – fasting and temptation,

Is just figurative!!! It’s REALLY – about The Jubilation,

The Excitement! and Wonder! of being with your Lady Love,

(The Little Devil!) Who is sent to you from Heaven Above!

THE NUMBER “40” – just means: “An appropriate period,”

And “the temptations?” represent – a myriad,

Of sensual encounters – for bride and groom!

It’s NO WONDER that Jesus talked a lot about wedding feasts!


So, let’s speculate – on what REALLY occurred:

These two lovers – might-have flown-off together, on a big, silver bird,

Maybe El-Al, the-Israeli air-line,

To America, “The Wilderness,” but kind-of Divine!

Out there, Mariam (or whomever) would have prompted her “virgin” guy,

To take “a leap of faith” and eat, not bread, but some cherry pie,

That “turning rocks to bread?” could have been about his head,

Turning her tummy – into a delicious Kingdom of Joy,

Maybe a girl! Maybe a boy!

But a good Jewish kid’s always good for a Rabbi,

Like Jesus of Nazareth, “The Apple of Her Eye!”

MORAL: “The kingdoms of This World – can all be given to you, If you find the right girl, one who's so true, Who will transform her wilderness - back into The-Garden of-Eden!"

(When you started this poem, was there any way you could have told,

Where it was leadin’?!)

fin ♥

By ace101

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