Funny Dogs rule our lives 😂😂😂

Hi! My name is Bin the Basenji Boy. My G-Maw turned her back for 1 minute to change out of her work clothes, so I took the opportunity to poke my long schnoz into the garbage, retrieved a paper towel and propped up on G-Maw’s bed to show her what a smart boy I am. I don’t know why, but she fussed. She grabbed my prize out of my mouth, walked into the living room, fussing the entire time. G-Maw was still fussing as she sat in the recliner to watch TV. I figured she had a bad day at work and would rather love to on me instead of watch TV, so I climbed in her lap and blocked the TV. That did the trick. G-Maw hugged my neck, laughed, said she just joined a doggy FB page and said I would probably be making plenty of appearances. Oh boy – I’m going to be famous.

By ace101

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