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I don’t want to read the news or write texts..
I want to sleep and watch a movie not about the virus. But opening a laptop – reading news and Facebook..

A stream of facts, opinions and unknown information. A lot of smart thoughts and a lot of open sense and confusion.

I have a lot of real information on my work – so much sadness, lots of things, responsibility to you – so I will try to share facts, predictions and wishes.

I’ll start with the episode.. I’m not a bodhisatva, so I’m mad like so many of you..

The picture :… The flight from Bali-Catalonia has arrived.. the noise scandal, outrage of the rights.., the unjustified rudeness of some passengers, the stupidity of some of the people in some ministries when building an order.. the nerves of people.. a person with a high temperature taking to the hospital for a test.. 8th month pregnant.. people running straight out of the bus..

People are sorry, they are tired, the border guards are sorry – they are allowed to calm the voice of reason and the police and national guards trying to calm the voice of reason and explanation.. at the hotel Kazan idiots-organizers of the reception turned off the heating.. turn on..

I order a sign-analytics sign-up, by night I get – and 🤬.. I want to swear…

And here’s why:
On March 13, President Zelensky urged Ukrainians to return to the country, due to the coming epidemic… and here I am watching – every third returned yesterday on this scandal of a specially organized flight… flew away from the country to Bali.. 13, 14, 15 March (!!!)..

That is, they were on a warning, and a request to come back (not to leave). In the world there is a panda, and they decided to fly after half the world on vacation – walked, beach, gas-kvass, went to the spa, restaurants, visited a couple of weeks at the resort and.. demanded them to return!

This is a pig, not by law, not by court – by conscience. You walked, and now you want to go home at all cost, you will bring it, and you don’t care about the safety of others???

This is impossible.. it’s not fair to millions of people living in the country. More than 75 % of cases of virus infection in Kiev – people who arrived on planes, 25 % of second infection from them – already in Kiev…

After all, it is clear why it is necessary for an appointment, a medical exam and a test.. Or thousands of deaths in Europe don’t teach anything?..

From these days, air-line hysteria and incident – several conclusions:

  • The Ministry of the Ministry of Ministry will not give more permission to any aviation boat. passenger flight – closed. The benefits will be rare and only a separate solution – with 100 % observaciej under the control of the sanvračej. Only so – and no need to be sent from abroad – for the safety of millions – we will go to an inconvenience for a few thousand. The point.
  • Those who are now at the service in Kiev hotels: tomorrow and the day after tomorrow – according to the decision of the main health doctor – everyone will take the materials to the PCR test. As a result of the test – if the virus is not found – the police will break everyone at home under a tight duty with the police and doctors. Do not obey – sanctions of Article 325 of the pc.
  • Those who have escaped from buses and escaped from the sanctions at this point – have already received administrative records or will be subject to this sanctions (all citizens were installed) – sanctions: fine up to 17 UAH. If any of the flight passengers have a virus, the police will decide to issue charges under Article 325-up to arrest and detained until 3 years. No toys and jokes.. 17 people have died from the virus..

To all the passenger of the flight, yet – I wish you health! And the ambulance – calm birth and a healthy baby!

Now, not by the episode, but by a big deal.

No one is ready all over the world for this panda. We are no exception. A test for all. The test for Ukraine is a test for the power system. At risk – the lives of Ukrainians now and the quality of life of each of us after.

There is no mess in the executive power. thousands of managers are doing their job.

We started the restrictions early – let’s see if it will save us from the worst. If I’m right – the curse towards power for comfort – once to change the understanding of what everyone could do right.

Every morning, the President with key managers spends a short flight on the strategy to fight the epidemic. Actual steps, orders, who does what – money, supplies, rules.. diplomacy.. medicine.. every morning. In short – with fixed tasks and artists. Decisions are made quickly. Next, everyone works in their direction.

The Prime Minister leads a permanent emergency committee. The government goes to emergency meetings almost every day to make decisions.

Sometimes the government has a very rough debate – and difficult decisions, but now you can’t hide from decisions, think and slow down.. It is important to act properly and clearly. All ministers and many managers all day in a constant turn of events and action – doing what they should.

Hope we do everything we can. Who and how to do, how quality – time will show. It is important to act exactly!

Everyone asks – when will the pencil and restrictions end.

Many are tired of sitting in four walls. Many are worried about their job and their business. Many just don’t have the funds – they have nothing to be in a free state – they need to make money..

I’ll try to answer some questions.

  1. No one in our country knows when the epidemic will end and the pencil will be cancelled – and who says he knows – is lying. Everything will depend on the development of the situation and our success in the fight against the virus.

So far, the pencil is cancelled only in China. The countries around us every day increase the restrictions from Poland, from Poland, from 1 April to 1 April, and the ban on going to the streets in France, Spain, Italy and the same Moscow and New York.

Let’s see how the events in Europe, which the wave of the virus covered before us.. But to be honest.. we need to be reality..
MY Point OF VIEWPOINT: the country will begin to return to normal life – not before May 15 And these are the guess of an ideal.

On the other hand – now is a very responsible moment of the epidemic attack… if we do not hug and shake in the parks, reward each other with a virus – we can beat the peak of the virus without getting to the level of tragic losses. EVERYTHING IS IN OUR hands and hands of GOD.

  1. In the coming days, the poor citizens will begin to receive the state’s help. Money. To handle this difficult period. This is the decision of the President and the government. One category of people will receive money very soon, the other will be approved by the Parliament to the budget at an extraordinary meeting (a few days).
  2. And during the pencil and when the pencil is over, there is a help package for the real economy. I’ve already written something and it’s already been implemented, something is coming up, and there are more steps to clear the economy after forced simplicity. We can’t afford to not work for 6 months… we should break up with all the benefits and opportunities in May.. Let’s hope.

A package of necessary steps and decisions will be. It is important to prevent unemployed and save jobs! This is very clearly understood in the government.

  1. There will be no problem with food.
  2. The market is already saturated with individual protection – due to its own production and import. Every day, goods are sent to the regions.

All hospitals and ambulance are either available or should be provided for protection in the next 4 days with minimum stock but everywhere. Then there will be no 30 days – protection suits, masks, glasses, gloves, dezinfektory. Keeping doctors – task #1.

  1. Police, Savior of the National Guard, border guards, National Guard – provided with protection – we build full and stock.
  2. The internal market of protection mask and respirators (pharmacies, large retail and internet) started to get full. Central supply of protection from Kiev + the efforts of local authorities significantly hit domestic prices. And yesterday’s decision of the Verkhovna Council, which canceled the excises for the funds – I hope in the coming days, will provide on the shelves of pharmacies and stores of dezinfektorov with the price of three below today. This is a special program. This is what we do and will control.
  3. There is a battle in the international fields of the world, in which Ukrainian deputies and businessmen are taking part – competition for the purchase of artificial air and oxygen workers. Hundreds of these essential devices are already being taken into the country. In all areas.
  4. drugs and medicine for treatment – a separate program is available. The Minister of Health will talk about this in the coming days. We act aggressively, taking into account the latest international experience of treatment and international treatment of coronavirus.

.. etc. etc..

In general, it is difficult, the roof of the sick will climb up and the most responsible and difficult days ahead.

Help!!-follow discipline, stay at home! Please!

It is very important for us to go through this minimum loss virus attack. Everything will decide for the next few days. The most important days of clear action, discipline and responsibility!

I won’t get tired of saying – everyone should do what they have to do!

That’s all for today. Sleep fast! night – the movie is cancelled 🙂

We do what we have to do and remain optimistic!
The sun always goes for the sun!

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