Former ACT Anglican Minister Brian Champness, will not serve a minute of jail time after sending indecent material to a 14 year old girl in his diocese.

Former ACT Anglican Minister Brian Champness, will not serve a minute of jail time after sending indecent material to a 14 year old girl in his diocese.

Justice Loukas-Karlsson said: “It is an appalling breach of trust … all these people trusted you as a family friend and they trusted you as a pastor ministering to children, supposedly a man of God.”

“No man of God does that” – Very true justice Loukas-Karlsson, so we find ourselves asking why he was given a suspended sentence ?

An Anglican minister who asked a teenage girl to send him naked selfies won’t see the inside of a jail cell. Brian Gibson Champness, 42, recently fronted the ACT Supreme Court and was sentenced to a year of jail time, fully suspended, seven months after pleading guilty to using a carriage service to communicate an indecent communication to a person under the age of 16.

Justice Chrissa Loukas-Karlsson said Champness, now living in Newcastle, ingratiated himself with the teenage girl and her family through his work as a pastor in the Anglican Church’s youth ministry, and in mid-2017 began contacting his victim on Snapchat.

The court heard Champness, who was originally charged with grooming, invited the girl to movies and to play sport, and in mid-2018 started asking her to send photos of her face. Champness then began asking for pictures of the victim’s legs and stomach, and for a picture of her naked in the bathroom mirror after she had showered.

The girl, in a victim impact statement, said she would no longer trust people.

“This will always be something that happened to me,” she said. The girl’s mother said Champness “should have been protecting the needs of kids and not been in the position of needing protection from”.

“How do we explain to our kids who to trust when we are wondering that question ourselves,” she said.

Good question, child abusers can be literally anyone and you can find them anywhere.

Anyone can be a child abuser, just because someone is in a position of trust doesn’t mean they are necessarily a person worthy of your trust.

This is a very important distinction we need to realise and teach our children. Just because someone’s job is one where they are placed in a position of trust, does not mean we should automatically deem them worthy of our trust. Many child abusers seek out positions of trust over children.

And many predators also appear to be really nice people, remember nice is not the same as being worthy of your trust.

If your minister or your child’s teacher has added them on Snapchat, THIS IS NOT A GOOD SIGN. Always be aware of who your children are talking to, it’s not being nosey it’s being vigilant.

Prosecutors argued for Champness to serve jail time and said his conduct was “persistent and manipulative”. A psychiatric report found Champness “appeared to avoid taking responsibility for his actions”, but Justice Loukas-Karlsson said she accepted his later evidence that he was remorseful, had let the church down and that he felt “nothing but shame for what I have done”.

A series of mates, former parishioners and fellow clergy gave glowing character references for Champness, saying he recognised he had “sinned”.

So sad that you all knew he was guilty and you went to defend him anyway.

Champness quit his job, his wife left him when he was charged, and breached his bail when he was detected watching adult pornography on his old work laptop, which he purchased from the church but which was still being monitored by his former employer.

I have to say, the Anglican diocese in Canberra have done a great job by this young survivor, they not only turned Champness in when they found out about his crimes but they also turned him in for breaching his parole conditions, by downloading adult pornography, after they saw him do so via a monitoring application they had installed on the computer he was using to do so.

Perhaps the Anglican church of Canberra is one of the few to actually learn from the Royal Commission.

We believe for crimes like this, where the perpetrator is in a position of trust and power over the child, there should be an immediate custodial sentence.

Our thoughts are with the young girl and her family, you were extremely brave to seek justice and as the judge stated: “you are an impressive young girl” with a wonderful life ahead of you. “You will not be defined by someone else’s criminal behaviour.”

This is his sin, his crime… not yours.

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Dear Lilly, you have our word we are pushing for a Government intervention on this ruling. In Australia, the Law has and are proactive to protect Children from these Predators it is paramount importance that ea h case is in the favour of the Victim. Furthermore we the law exists where you will be faced in a court where a Judge is incompetent or has erred in Judgement handed down. Yes as a citizen we push for the accountable knowledge of the sitting Judge on each indivdual case. In place of in this case, the verdict by this Judgement was absolutely wrong. Thankfully under Australian Law the Government of the day has the power to retry the case in a Higher Court. The fall out of this verdict by the Judge is now in the hands of the High Court. Reflecting on my statement I am offering you a reassurance both the Judge and the Perp will be penalized. We will also support Victims of crime whatever it takes to hunt down, lockup any person that commits crimes against our Children in Australia. Please be assured in Australia we talk the truth or pay the price. Shalom Peace ✌️ sorry to alarm you in any way 🙇🕯️🇦🇺

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