Forgiveness 🙌✨

God Forgives with humble hands outstretched without judgement 🙌✨✴️

  • If we have been standing like “Pharisees and scribes” who like to judge others, then Jesus’ words are right for us, “Whoever among you who has not sinned, let him throw stones at the woman first.” After hearing and seeing what Jesus was doing, the accusers took off the stones one by one, then left, bowing their heads. If there are still “stones” in your grip that you are ready to throw at others, let them go because in essence, we are no better. from them.
  • If we stand like “the woman in the gospel story earlier” who was punished and wanted to be destroyed, but was defended and saved by Jesus, then Jesus’ words may we reflect on, “I will not punish you either, go away and sin no more.

Happy sunday all my brothers and sisters. Greetings in the love of God


By ace101

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