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First walk on the Moon ~

“WALK ON THE MOON!” a poem 20 July 2019 (Saturday)

50 years? (to The Day) we-were- raising-moon-dust!
Quite-an-accomplishment! So, let’s “knock off some rust,”
And RETURN – to The-Glory-Daze, when we-happ’ly-jumped “lu-nar!”
LET’S RACE BACK TO THE MOON! You might get there sooner!

For, I love my “Moon Pie,” which is YOU, Honey Bunch!
And, I loved “Bit-o-Honey” and Nestle’s Chocolate Crunch,
And BIG HUNK (that’s me!) – longing to munch on your Snickers!
We can be choosers, not losers! and-sometimes even-pickers!

But I pick YOU, Sweetie-Pie – to-fly-away-with-me-to-The-Moon;
It’s a GOOD FIT – in your capsule, as-I hold-each-balloon!

Yeah, MOON-LANDING-might-have-been-“staged,” as some do suggest,
But WHO CARES!? It-was GREAT P. R. – it gave us [all] a rest,
From the terrors of war – and starvation – and dead-people-in-The-Electric-Chair!
I-think-it-might-be-nice-on-The-Moon-with-you – if-we-were warm-&-bare!

Yeah, THE MOON’s so romantic! Let’s fly-back-there right-away,
And we’ll start the human race again! It’ll be THE FIRST DAY,
Of the rest of our lives! AND THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO CAN CUMe,
Are the ones NOT critical, political or medical! We’ll-just-sing-all-day, and-strum!

We’ll-strum-on-finely tuned instruments, &, you-know, YOU LOOK LIKE MY CELLO!
And I love-your “Devil-May-Care-Attitude;” it’s so s – x – and mellow,
And, on the Moon, we won’t have to wear knickers – BUT! how-will-we-pee?
I-FORGOT! about: gravitational limitations? And – how will we be,

Able to breath? for – isn’t the air up there kind-of-thin?
And, how will we grow “crops?” No soil or water – Is-it-really “a win,”
To be UP on The Moon? Maybe, yeah – LET’S GO “HOME!”
It might be a better place ON THE EARTH-after-all, a better place to roam,

We can maybe WATCH RE-RUNS of “The Moon Walks” on TV,
Crunching candied popcorn – and Cherry Mashes – and Butterfingers with glee!
The Moon may be fine – to watch from “here below,”
But the candy companies are DOWN HERE, on-Planet-Earth, don’t-cha-know!

By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen