Finding Kindness ~

“FINDING KINDNESS.” a poem September 17, 2019 (Tuesday)

How can you tell, IF you’ve found “aKindONe?” Well,

ObserveThem throughout most everyDay:

(1) They’ll be kind to nearly all folks; and (2) they, I think, will sortOf pray,

Asking for helpRegardingWhatLifeThrowsTheirWay;

(3) andTheyAre slow to anger, and (4) Often SAY (toPeopleWhoAreDown) :


(5) They don’t wishOthers ill, and (6) They like to help out;

And (7) They like TO FEED OTHERS, even those who might pout.

(8) and They apo-lo-gize, TRYing NOT to make others sad;

And (9) They try toBeKindToEvenThemselves, and (10) TRY, you might say,


I Dun-no, you-know, (11) A kind person sortOf walks humble,

Yet TALL, (12) and They don’tLiketoBeAburden & (13) don’tLetProblemsRumble,

and YouKnow maybe those are a few important things THAT KIND PEOPLE DO,

Just some things that, perhaps (if you want) you might TryToAsPireTo.

So, IF you get labeled “kind,” that might be a pretty good thing,

And you might (when you hear THAT) DANCE A LITTLE JIG & also SING,

And I think youMightWannaSingA HAPPY SONG and HOPE for The Best,



HOPE, LOVE, andAlittleGoodREST.

fin ♥