Fawn ~ Cooper is her beloved husband ©️

“A HEAVENLY FAWN IN THE BACKYARD!” a poem written on Thursday, the first day of August, 2019, to welcome back a DEER friend to our enclosure! Today: 8/2/2019

The FAWN came-out-on-THURSDAY, to-nibble on the grass,

And all around in Alpine Town, people-watched her-“special-class,”

For, she’s a marvelous creature, imbued-with-sparkle in-her eyes,

And-the-wet-dew of The Morning, it dribbles down her _ (pause) CRIES

Are heard throughout the wood: “I’m in my Texas Ranch House to:

Sniff the air, for-naught compares – to-the-smell-of-her-dropping __ (pause)

WHO would-think that in-all this world, such-a creature could exist,

And-I-would hunt-her (if I could) – but-she’s already [been]-kissed,

Kissed by-sweeter-lips than I possess,

I wish – to only so caress,

Her tender body, sleek and fair,

But I can’t-even barely dare,

To-approach-this-Angel, incarnate here,

In “nether places,” I-call-her: “DEER!” (pause)

Oh, Dear! As I approach her now,

To clutch and shake her, oh, some how,


For-I’m-in-“The-Kingdom,” of-“Business!”

I-AM – with SHE!

fin ♥

Post note: She has “a mate,” a precious thing,

And his name’s “Cooper,” and he’ll bring,

Her love and cuddles all day long,

When they’re together, NOTHING’S WRONG!


By ace101

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