FASCINATION.” a poem a.k.a.: “Judgment & Will Can Be Such A Thrill.” Tuesday: December 17, 2019


(AUSTRALIA) Parliament Budget 2021 Report: Who are the ‘Winners & Losers’ after Treasurer Josh Frydenberg spoke today #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – May.11: He also committed $370 million to bolstering the nation’s biosecurity — but farmers and exporters hoping for assistance to recruit overseas workers or expand into foreign markets will be disappointed: Budget 2021: What it means for rural and regional Australians: Treasurer Josh Frydenberg shovelled $200 million into a national soil strategy and […]

Relationship abuse ~

I have been asked to write another short piece about this subject. So here goes folks, man or woman, even children suffer from abuse at home at school weather your an adult or child any kind of abuse is devastating. Life doesn’t have to be this way, trust me i know exactly how you feel, […]


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