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Grown up thoughts, past behaviour, relationships, disappointed of what could have been = looking . Yes growing up is harrowing and remember this treasure who you are, how you learnt the difference who you become against all the odds. Life is exactly as you deem to wish for. To smile, to laugh just because you can, do nothing, write, ride a bike, feed the birds, sung a song, fill your gut, feel pleasure, hide in a bed, love like there’s no tomorrow, feel emotions, to be kind without restriction. We have it all. Yet life tarried for none of us. Yes life is is precious, yes our brains overthink draining our bodies of energy. All these things we feel are what we feel. Impatience is a normal human right of passage of life. Overthinking is time wasted, moments, precious moments lost in eternity are never held on to. Never allow overthinking to steal your wants, dreams loving the life you are entitled to. Cherish all there is inside you. Nurture yourself be gracious for who you turned out to be a unquestionably precious soul who fills whoever enjoys your company. Or not. Freedom is found inside our soul never except second best, Renner you are perfect just because you are precious and loved . Yes we are loved . Will we breathe oxygen we love with gay abandon. I’m happy are you?

Oh my goodness gracious me 😂😂 the term is Name Gathers 😂😂 5000 mark is an Ego trip 😂🤪🤪🤪⚠️ you stop adding people you are the cause of your own misery wondering what’s wrong with you.

Messenger and the Church don’t mix 🤪
  1. Name gathers
  2. Time wasters
  3. Trolls self worship habbit
  4. Apple Card Collectors 😜
  5. Hate reglious Narks
  6. Race
  7. Dating sites
  8. ”like us to keep us on Facebook ” 😂😂
    Remember this once you except a Freinds request your site is shown up for all to see and peek at and you worry you have set your privacy to friends only. Nobody is that STUPID are you 😂😂😂😜😜😜🤪🤪🤪🤪©️mm

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